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Top 14 Home Repairs to Do to Avoid Failing Inspection

When you’re selling , the home inspection could be a make-it-or-break-it moment for closing the deal. If problems pop up during the inspection, your sellers could be on the hook for dealing with expensive repairs — or worse, the prospective buyer could drop out.

Top 14 Home Repairs to Do to Avoid Failing Inspection

Ensure Outlets Are Properly Wired

Repair Your Roof

  The roof is the very first thing an inspector will see when he walks up to your listing. Few people want to buy a property with a bad roof.

Install or Repair Gutter Downspout Extensions

One of the most overlooked repairs by home sellers is gutter downspout extensions. These are critical in keeping the water from causing damage to the foundation.

Ensure Your Water Heater Is Up to Code and Working Properly

Install and Replace Smoke Alarms as Needed

Do each of your bedrooms have an operating smoke alarm? Do they work? Have you tested them or replaced their batteries
If all that needs to be done is battery replacement, this is a cheap and easy fix to make prior to an inspection. If an alarm needs to be added or moved, this can be more costly.

Make Sure Your Electrical Panel Is Properly Labeled

Make Sure All Your Light Bulbs Are Working

A burnt-out light bulb can lead to an unnecessary red flag on your home inspection report.
Don’t get a red mark on your report because of a bad light bulb
Do all the light bulbs and switches work? The inspector won’t replace a light bulb. They’ll simply assume the switch may not work.

Fix a Broken Irrigation System

Do sprinklers work? If not, have you already disclosed that to buyers, so they aren’t surprised when they read the home inspection report?
To prevent any possible red flags on your listing inspection report, make sure sellers are taking care of irrigation system repairs ahead of time.

Make Any Needed Repairs to Doors, Locks and Windows

Do all of doors and windows open and close properly without dragging or binding? Do the locking mechanisms work properly? Does the door latch when pulled shut? On exterior doors, can you see daylight around the weather stripping? If so, it probably needs to be adjusted or replaced.

Fix Any Leaks

The home inspector will check for leaks throughout your home, so be sure to address these before the inspection.  
 Plumbing is a major concern for meticulous buyers.

Address Mold and/or Termite Issues

Mold and termite issues can end a deal. The seller should get an inspection beforehand and fix problems so that the buyers don’t cancel.
These can be expensive issues to address but may be worth it if you don’t want to lose out on a sale.

Repair Damaged Flooring

Must repair the damaged floors as aesthetically, it harms the entire design of the room and prompts buyers to look somewhere else.
Chipped floors and tiles can be a potential hazard for families with children and pets.

Original content was written by Lilana Warr of Showhomes Tampa Bay. To read more from Showhomes Tampa Bay, click here.


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