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Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Living, breathing, healthy plants boost the spirit like nothing else. Whether you consider yourself to have a green thumb or are just inching your way into the world of gardening, consider this inspiration and motivation to get your indoor garden growing.
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Plants Have a Place in Any Room

Healthy green plants help clean your air, lift your spirit and fill empty corners like nobody’s business. I don’t think any room really feels complete without at least one green plant or pot of cheerful bulbs.

Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Take Advantage of Sunny Windows

Have an open spot in front of a nice, sunny window? Don’t let it go to waste — put a big plant in front of it. Stands can help smaller plants get the maximum amount of light.
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Low-Light Rooms Can Handle Plants Too

If your space does not get as much sun as you would like, don’t give up completely on houseplants. Visit a local nursery and ask what’s recommended for a low-light room. It’s true that if your room really gets zero natural light, a plant will not survive there, but if there is any sort of light, you may be able to get something to grow … and it’s well worth the effort to try.
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Set Up an Indoor Potting Station

To make things easier for watering, repotting and generally caring for your houseplants, a little indoor potting station within reach can be a lifesaver. A sink in the mudroom or laundry room would be ideal, but the kitchen can work as well if you don’t have another option.

To set up your potting area, at minimum you will want some closed storage for bags of potting soil and tools, a shelf for extra pots and saucers, a work surface that you don’t mind getting dirty and access to a sink for water.

Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Get Creative With Containers

You don’t always need to use traditional indoor pots for your houseplants — why not try a rectangular planter, an urn or an outdoor container? Just be sure to use a tray beneath the pot or planter to protect your surfaces from water damage.
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Always Keep an Aloe on Hand

Wondering what one plant to buy first? Make it an aloe — they are easy to care for, and they are a godsend when you have a burn. Simply cut off a piece, slice it open lengthwise, and place the gel-covered interior directly on your burn.
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Cluster Potted Plants and Blooming Bulbs Together

Grouping potted plants doesn’t just look charming, it is beneficial to the plants too. Keeping plants in close proximity to one another boosts humidity, helping the plants stay healthier and go a bit longer between watering.
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Tables Make Great Plant Stands

Looking for more room to house your plants? Put a vintage side table or dining table to work. Even thrift store finds are charming when filled with potted greens.
Simple Pleasures: Grow a Cheery Indoor Garden

Plant a Piece of Furniture

Ready to get really creative? Pull out drawers from an old cabinet or dresser, line the interiors with waterproof plastic, fill them with soil and pop in a few plants. This can be a wonderful way to give new life to an old piece that is too rundown to use for its intended purpose.

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